2016 Politics- Simple & Easy

What I’ve learned throughout this research is that a lot of our resources have and/or exist a loop hole for the 1% to make money off the lower class.

I’ve composed this blog post to what look out for when you’re voting, watching, and listening #staywoke among politics and society:


What I have to say in the video is the same written down —->Video<—–

  1. Guns-This issues is very important to me because I’ve experienced the violence, the gun mass shooting in Aurora.
    1. Bernie is always schooled about not voting against the Gun companies compose some sort of Accountability.
    2. NRA has been up and running since George Washington times, very colonial times.
    3. NRA is an association, which comes with perks if you sign up. Yes you do contribute an amount of money, we just don’t know who’s getting the “homie” deal on some of these guns
    4. The executive order from Obama isn’t taking no one’s 2nd amendment right of “bare of arms,” and/nor is he taking your guns. He’s trying to prevent another mass shooting, which have occurred regularly in the U.S. including elementary schools, Theaters, health clinics, and churches.
    5. 2nd of all the NRA has some of the 1% ·aka Wall St. people who stand on that board. So, of course, those 1% do not want to lose out on their loop holes
    6. You can get a gun faster than a Little Cesar’s pizza
  2. Reproductive Respect & Rights-
    1. Basically women we do not have the same rights as men, from health to pay.
    2. Black African, Latinas, and anyone woman of color society has it in for us. If we don’t take care of our reproductive, goes hand in hand with education and inequality rights.
    3. Basically we need a prescription or doctor’s order to take Birth Control- which Viagra is mailed out to men’s door step
    4. Basically we’re the ones underpaid, we have to #MOLCAJETEGRIND24/7 and this is way harder because we’re both the motherly figure and fatherly figure for our families so that means we need to be making triple for this “American Dream” to happen
    5. Yes, we pay more in self-care products and society, media, and model industry has taught us to be very self conscious about our bodies and that size barbie waste, tits, and ass is the size that everyone woman should be.
    6. Our self-care products are way more expensive, shampoo, soap, tampons, pads, lotion, just our basics
    7. Bernie last time in the Black and Brown Forum- discussed that we need to have a sex talk nationally especially involving rape, domestic violence, and sexual assault occurring on College Campuses (overall we need the sex talk!)
  3. Wealth & Inequality:
    1. This goes back to low wages for women, we’re still not getting the same amount pay as men for the same job, which again goes to our
    2. Wealth isn’t distributed, respectfully
      1. there’s 1% that control all the systems and resources that the middle/lower class needs
      2. they quick to make a quick buck on us and don’t feel any sympathy that all the citizens of the US would love the luxury they have
      3. 1% are happy how the tax code is written- which was written by old, rich, white men- so if someone can explain to me who wrote that and explain percentages
      4. Who is pay what taxes
      5. Bernie says he’s going to break up big banks, Ok how? Como
      6. Hillary- she finds common ground with Wall Street but the 1% are the ones who hold the power to make more jobs, well then make better jobs not including the 1% (personally I’d like to extradite them to another Island and they can make their own island and city, idk why they keep staying here?!)
  4. Education
    1. So if your like me and in a pile of student debt because education used to be affordable in the 1970’s and 1980’s.
    2. Now that Education is the path to prosperity and the only way to the American Dream, there’s a loop hole
    3. Loop hole, loop hole, loop hole, meaning the 1% found a way to make money off of us from education- CEO’s, Presidents, Deans, make shit ton of money in the educational field- Targeting Universities mostly
    4. Books and publishing companies are also quick to make a buck off of us
    5. Bernie wants free education- but yet again we’re curious on how he’s going to do that? Como? How let us in on how that rolls out?
  5. Police & Race
    1. O’Maliey is unknown to the Black Lives Moment, He should be more involved since there were various cases of race, police enforcement, and confrontations
    2. Black and Brown Forum- Hillary was asked about White Privilegdge, Her answer was choppy wasn’t really saying “you know what white ppl think they deserve this type of treatment because they’ve always been given it, but we’r going to change this by (these reasons).
    3. Bernie- he’s well rounded and known throughout the BlackLives Moment and that’s pretty awesome
  6. Immigration:
    1. Martin O’Maliey was a kick ass for this speech, he knows he needs votes, and I know on the first debate, CNN first started their question targeting Clinton as saying anything to get elected, now there’s desperate need for votes for O’Mailey so excuse him for making great speeches for Immigration, he needs votes, but isn’t known within the BlackLives Matter.
    2. meaning he’s not cool with color peeps and to show for that try to find color peeps on his campaign.
    3. Bernie Sanders rocked it on his immigration speech, he mentioned he would not WOULD NOT deport the children coming from Central America. He’d provide housing and refugee status.
    4. Clinton, however would send the children back, she says she believes in Immigration reform, but would like to keep our borders safe. (;/ disappointed)
    5. Sabes que its a tie and tonight’s debate, you know me, glass of wine, notebook in had, and oh yeah, SOCIAL MEDIA!

I’ll be back for tagging and also a video is on its way, patience, patience, patience!!!