Politicos 101


I’m not sure if you knew, but we as, Latinos need to be more dedicated in politics.  The way this works is if we fight for better rights, liberties, and a way to change laws.

The way to do that is by being involved. If we want to win, you have to learn to play the game. One of them being is  being involved politically so things change.

Yeah Voting used to be all older and what older people do, Although now its getting personal with education debt, women and pay inequality, Taxes (If you can please explain to me wtf?! is in the Tax Code books? and With is TABOR), Reproductive Rights, Stricter gun laws, oh yeah, ya mero me olvido- IMMIGRATION!

Mira I’m not sure if you knew pero, I’m Xicana, who loves her culture, familia, neighborhood, we’d like our citizenship papers. Ya No mas, undocumented or documented they all contribute to this economy.

They pay taxes

They definitely cannot get government programs like Planned Parenthood, food stamps, unemployment, any government programs w/o a social security number.

But they do pay taxes that help fund those programs. Now limiting people to personal, liberty, and human rights, doesn’t make us a democracy government, although; whereas if an individual causes harm to society.

Meaning if varies Caucasian people go out and create mass murders like the ones that have recently occurred then they shall be punished. But since any to none latinos have been involved in National mass shootings, Please work with us then against us.

Here’s a what if- we had all 11 million undocumented people become documented and if they all voted… I mean that would clear the slate clean for any Republican nomination.

click on the link below to read about my “Tables Have Turned,” article on guns.

Pero One great way that we can help win democratically is by being involved in the political process-

Not just one part, but being fully involved-


If you live in Colorado, go here and Register to vote



Si eres Democratic—-click here—–

if you’re not, then good luck finding info on my page!

Si eres Latina/o please read this ASAP!

       3.******GO TO CAUCUS******

I recently went to a Caucus hangout! This was awesome. I met some people that I’ve seen before at other Hillary Clinton’s events, it was great!

Here’s a good, easy, simple, and nerdy way to explain what is a Caucus and why should you care!?

Then I also had the opportunity to meet other passionate Latina/o Democrats in support of Hillary Clinton.

This was like a feeling of a familia.

Araphoe County Leaders.jpg

Left to Right:

Charles “Chaz” Tedesco (Adams County Commissioner), Miguel Baca, Polly Baca, David W. Givens, P.C., and Mannie Rodriguez.

Very inspirational- Polly Baca, First Latina Congress woman from Denver, Colorado!


These people helped me feel right at home and being part of the political process.

         4. Attend the Caucus12548919_10153313956276485_3460759124569360451_n.jpg

   5.   Keep up with politics via social- Things can change pretty quickly in the race and si quieren ser xingones, esten connectados!


   6. Lo mas importante!!!Unknown.jpeg


Mira this is the only pinche picture I have of your tio voting. Ya Vez!




Todo este trabajo no cuenta si no votamos!!!




lleguen a votar!!!

No la xingen! Si no tenemos inmigración reforma, si no votan!


Here are some more pics!

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