Calling All AWVP Enthusiasts!

Calling all artists, writers, video and photo enthusiasts! Hello, La xingona here, Now that we have started the new year of 2017 it would be my honor to introduce our meetup group! These meetings are organized to stimulate our brains and talk to other artists, writers, photo, and video enthusiasts who would like to hangout, … Continue reading Calling All AWVP Enthusiasts!


Xingona Political Thought

#unpresidented Russia (Putin) helped Trump win, so then Russia (Putin) would like the help back and Putin can easily influence US politics. And then since history likes to repeat itself. Here we have another man who wants to control another country and is addicted to power and corruption. here we have similar story like the … Continue reading Xingona Political Thought

Xingona Tips: Story

When you tell your story- remember everyone needs to learn this skill incase you're pitching your story to have sponsorship, fundraisers, and also when investors are looking at your profile. Let them in, make it short and sweet, mention some molcajete moments that made you xingona, and then give a sweet future ending like (she … Continue reading Xingona Tips: Story