Want to Look Like Sofia Vergara!

Here’s the secreto to my healthy eating plan:

-Add Avacado/ Aguacate and Jalapeno (or spicy sauce)

for example: I don’t like the taste of Kale- I add half of kale and then add another cup of berries of you choice, evens out the taste.

Another example: since I love my salads in the mornings and now after too much egg, I’m egg-ed out.

Add Aguacate! avacado

-if your meals are getting to plain and boring, add hot sauce or jalapeno to it.

For example: my tuna fish sandwiches get boring after a while:

I add celery, tomato, onion, luego this is the fun part:

Add Jalapeno and some mustard sauce, then just yesterday I added cilantro.

#yatusabes mami has to keep it real and fresh.
Don’t be scared to use other ingredients you identify with.


Overall with this whole “new” me bull, I’d say love yourself, no need for diets and extreme excising, but hey it wouldn’t hurt to run a little bit and be active.