Health Goddess

So basically I stuck it out people.

I got a new body change and new

574695822_origI decided to go on a diet. Well I didn’t tell people I was on a diet, I just couldn’t eat a lot of the junk I was eating. So I was letting them know I was on a “cleansing” week.

Basically took out a lot of sugar- meaning: artificial sweets like: Red bull, Drinks, Candy, and POP!!!!! I love a Coka Cola when I’m eating tacos.PDP_Coca-Cola_HFCS_glass_8oz

*my cheat days are tacos w/ a soda, pero I work hard for those tacos!


I also took out a lot of my bread- which by the way I’m almost gluten free, but who can say “no” to a tortilla.

200512-r-xl-fudgy-chocolate-layer-cakeI took out: donuts- cake!- just random cake stuff- I’ve never been for donuts in the morning with my coffee but when you’re in Denver and Voodoo Donuts are right down the street- I mean what the hell!


If I crave sugar I’d seek fruit- my key thing now- I went to Sams and bought a big bag of frozen mango and of course, Strawberries.

I did drink more green tea w/ lemon-

Cup of tea
Cup of tea with slice of fresh lemon and mint isolated on white

If I had a meal- it was always at home, never ate out, and it always included GREENS. Some sort of Greens.

*Also people who work out now are into the whole protein shakes stuff. It works, but depends on which ones and mine’s not a kept not big of a deal nor is it like “the ultimate shake!” hey hey now! Its doing the trick to make that booty thick!22-one-tub-large-fv_4

I know this is all pretty fast and hard to keep track of, so I thought of a cleaver way to keep track of it. I wrote it down! Which you can buy one here at Barnes and Noble: Click here to order yours today!

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 8.31.26 AM

I have an eating journal, dream, affirmations, and a journal for every activity in my life. I’m a record keeper- Journalist. Overall I’m a Journalist, I observe, note, and investigate.

My next key step is taking up a notch by adding more greensgreen-fruit-and-vegetables

My eating plan starts with the inspiration by this website: Popsugar- I’m on Week 2 cleansing aka- taking out the junk!