When I was young, privacy was minimal, but hey that was when I was ten. I wasn’t paying rent. I didn’t pay bills. I had an allowance once here and there.


Now I’m almost 30 and I live where there’s a small 30′ radius area. Small space close enough to see my neighbors window. It extremely impacts my family and I a lot. We have minimal privacy.


When I have a stern discussion with my familia, there’s neighbors always watching me. Why are people always watching me from afar. Do they always want to know what’s my next move.

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Then recently our parking spaces have gotten slim. Since my family has successfully continued the business- we have soooo MANY cars and trucks.

Now we have to find parking for those cars w/o the them being towed.


By the way did I tell you that my community is under-attack with Tow trucks and random water fees w/o proper documentation.

Yeah crazy, any one of those crazy attacks can hit anyone at any time of the day and they’ll be out of luck for Rent and they’ll be in the cliff effect. 


Is it hard for a Hardworking grown ass Latina Woman to gain her own privacy, hell yes!

I believe our parents (my parents grew up in the shut up and sit down generation and basically if they had something to say it was in screams) need to learn that when you provide for your own well being, you should be respected as far as your house- with locks and keys- and locks on the doors that need privacy.


I need privacy because I’ve had people and some family members think its ok for them to waltz right in when I’m in the house by myself. Kinda creepy, but overall its about making my security secure and comfortable.

Also I’m a diary writer. I write for a living and know how it feels when your privacy is always being invaded when you write things that are personal and then read by others. When I was young I kept two diaries. One would be the real one and the other one would be the decode.


Also remember that privacy can be taken away if you’re young, If you’re still living at home with your parents, remember thats one key quality that can be taken for granted. You parents are holding the key and you have to demonstrate privacy.

But If you’re on your own, married, single, or taken, and you live in your own  house and you pay your own bills, and you pay your own damn rent, no one has the right tell anything. If they contribute to you financially or emotionally then give them some space, but overall if they don’t contribute to your everyday life, then feel free to put these grown ass woman panties.

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