<My First Stakeholder-My Mom!

Recently my favorite stakeholder, my mother is in every step supportive of my new T-shirt branding and company.

Well I want to say thank you mom y familia for loving me so much and having my back on any crazy passions that I have.

Thank you WordPress for giving me the opportunity to display work on your website. Thank you for your patience because I’m an entreprenuer in the making.

I now know that your website Is key and you can seriously can screw it up just trying to look cool with a new “.com” website.

But thank you wordpress because You see I never knew I could break the internet or simply write a twitter message to make things happen.
Thank you!

I also want to thank people who’ve been on my back to get this business up and running and all I had to do is to have faith in myself to keep #molcajetegrinding.

By the way I’m not the person to lavish my gifts on what I received for Xmas, I really am about the people I get to see for a short amount of time, Mi familia, friends, y compas.