Thanksgiving Ham

This is top secret recipe because I bet you on a ham, my family is swarming to read their eyelids off!


Store Bought Ham- Take it out of the wrapper and a quick rinse will do.

Pat it down with paper towels

Put the pineapple on the ham w/ Party Picks

Optional- you can start sticking the cloves or any spices on hand onto the ham. Rub spices onto the ham. The better the rub the better flavor and tender it will have.

Preheat the oven to 350- 

Now the secret is in the sauce

Ham Sauce Recipe:


Can of Mangos, pineapples, whatever sweet fruit you have available.

1 big Juice Container of Jumex of Mango Nectar or any mango juice       14756761

Several gulps of Maple Syrup      download

a tsp of cinnamon 

a tsp of fresh nutmeg

a tsp of sugar

1 cup of water

Warm all that up in a saucepan and keep it luke warm, this sauce you will be applying it to the ham for 3 hours.

Be prepared to gain some arm power.

Now swirl your first layer of sauce on top of the ham.  The more Juice and moisture the better (no one wants a dry ham)

Keep Swirling every 1hr with the juice

Now After the Ham is cooked and ready to be served this sauce is served as a complementary sauce, it’s always licked clean. 

There you have it a very delicious sauce made specifically for people who love mango and tropical fruit.

Like water for chocolate

The secret to any food ~ Give Love to Your Food~ Como Agua A Chocolate- Laura Esquirel