Sandwiches and Politics

Mira, its all white on white bread.

I can admit I love me some sandwiches, I made some really good Sandwiches.

Which basically this blog is a recipe for a fantastic bomb sandwiches:

Wheat bread




Green Pepper

salt & pepper


Smoked Turkey

Jack Jalapeño cheese

Lays Potato Chips with Ripples

Valentina sauce ( I prefer Valentina) and/or any hot sauce you like!


Toast bread- I toast mine on a colmal- I know, we’re old school

chop the cucumber, green pepper, avocado into sandwich pieces

spread Mayo on bread

Add all the ingredients all together, however you’d like!

Wah La Fantastic yet very delicious sandwich.

Simple, easy, and love!

I can make sandwiches and talk about politics and law at the same time, you know why!

Because I’m a xingona!

Love Me!


Here’s a picture of my sandwich!IMG_0075.JPG

P.S. Let me know if you love my sandwich. LOL!