Los Basics ~Fried Arroz~

Recently I thought, hey making Fried Rice is a separate yet very authentic dish. And most of all this Dish is famous!

So I created a better video of this fried Rice:

Basic Ingrediants:

6 handfuls of rice


Knorr blocks 2x



tomato sauce


How to create Fried Arroz:

Put rice in sauce pan with a oil to cook

stir it frequently do not walk away!

*learned by experience it will burn

(this where I bring out my iPad and watch Maria Del Barrio, near the stove)

Keep string rice till its light brown- Watch the video you can see that its brown

Add tomato sauce

2 cups of water

2 blocks of Knorr

1tb of salt

Stir and cover

*Don’t forget to Cover! This is the way the rice cooks

If you see that the rice is a little hard- add more water

When its finished, you’ll see that the water has evaporated.

Here’s the Video:

Fried Rice!

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