Albondigas is a traditional Mexican stew consisting of meatballs.

There’s a specific book that comes to mind when I put my love and passion into my traditional Mexican cuisine.

This book “Like Water For Chocolate,” written by Laura Esquivel, inspired me to re-create my own traditional Albondigas stew.

Like water for chocolate.jpg

In her book, Nacha, the head cook suggests that she will be nourish and feeding Tita soups and stews that will keep the soul and heart warm.

This Albondigas stew hits home and the heart. I love to cook and the only way I can nourish my body and soul is by making masterpieces like this.

This is my video —-> Albondigas <—–

Also I’ve Added my new little clip for making “Mexican Fried Rice.”

Again any traditional Mexican Dish goes with a side of plate of rice, beans, Tortialls, limon, cilantro, y cebolla 🙂

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