Big Jobs = Big Reponsibility = Culture

Now that I’ve had some National coverage on my blog, which equals success. Hey its been 86 days when it made the spot light, that’s big news! Means I’m not lame, nor boring, but I have views that will keep my readers interested.

However the traditional way to continue success as a Mexican, Latina, and Xicana is if I pass the torch down.
I’ve been helping other Latinas get the spotlight as well. I’m a very blessed and grateful Latina that has had experiences getting to where I’m at today with my blog, photography, and my videos I’d want other girls to have that opportunity.

As soon as I saw my blog again on national t.v. some other girls started contacting me about new opportunities, which by the way they’re on their way to making their spotlight in health and politically.

I’m extremely excited that my blog isn’t just me involved in it, I have various people that support, read what I write, and look forward to working with them in the future.

Thank you. So this is cultural, when someone receives the 1.3 million dollars we don’t keep it to ourselves, we share it.
and that there is cultura.