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Como #elpendejo se Chupa el Dedo

Here's my rebuttal to that- First the Ninth Circuit rules against the ban & now it hits again on sanctuary cities-both ridiculous rulings. See you in the Supreme Court! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 26, 2017 Did a research of The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit That includes: Arizona Idaho … Continue reading Como #elpendejo se Chupa el Dedo

This is What Happened when I went Vegan for 3 weeks

Sleep You sleep a lot longer 7-9 hours of sleep and you wake up more refreshed. Exercise You feel lighter, fit, and feel like you can conquer the world with this whole new stamina. Work You're able to make quicker decisions and work gets easier. Manage my time more wisely. Now I maintain a better … Continue reading This is What Happened when I went Vegan for 3 weeks

Calling All AWVP Enthusiasts!

Calling all artists, writers, video and photo enthusiasts! Hello, La xingona here, Now that we have started the new year of 2017 it would be my honor to introduce our meetup group! These meetings are organized to stimulate our brains and talk to other artists, writers, photo, and video enthusiasts who would like to hangout, … Continue reading Calling All AWVP Enthusiasts!