What is a Xingona?

Mission Statement:

A Xingona is to strive collaboratively to empower “outside the box” thinking so that women may endeavor to approach their passions and dreams.

A Xingona can be written as “Chingona,” but due to our Aztec/ Mexica Culture the “X” makes the sound “CH” but since our society was all about making things look good they prefer in to use the english-version.

A Xingona is a woman who is on her game. Basically she has skills that no one else has strived for only by first hand experience.

Xingonas aren’t brought down by bias, machismo, prides, and over-rated ego. She gets shit done because she can and she will.

Xingonas make anything possible, if there’s a plan A, she has a plan B-Z. She doesn’t quit and that’s when #molcajetegrind comes into play!

#molcajetegrind- grinding has gotten me far, so if you keep going and keep your mind to positive and your goals, #molcajetegrind will get you somewhere!