2016 Goals

First off I want to give Shout outs because without them, where would I be right now and 2015 wouldn’t of been spectular without them!

FRCC– My major educational and inspirational support from Facuilty and Friends.

Mi Familia and Fam in El Paso, Tejas- My mom has every bit of my back on this business #esxingona. Mi Cousin helped me out and as we speak my shirts are on the way!

Pete Dawson- He’s a viejito that fell in love with our family and that’s why I declare him one of the Delgados! Thanks Pete for having my back politically, educationally, and now with my upcoming business.

Now that 2016 is already here, I’m not waiting for the ball to drop, I’ve already started #molcajetegrinding. I’m about my business and I’m not bossy, I am the boss.

Like La Hillary dijo “I have 5 point plan,” and here they are:

  1. Big, Boss, and Business– I’m about my business right now because It has my personal name and work on the line. Expand my business Nationally.
  2. Get School Straight– it never hurts to learn, and so I’ve decided to go back to school to FRCC- finish there and then off to Regis.
  3. Get in Fit– I used to swim, run, and work out daily- now that things are differently I’ll be trying to stay in fit and construct a healthier lifestyle of eating. I’m not the one to diet.
  4. Write My Book– Recently I reached out to a self publisher via Twitter, I was ecstatic! I mean can you believe it! I reached out via Twitter and someone actually responded! OMGGGGGEEEEEEE Really that was like amazing! So here’s her name: Kristen Vanstrom– and she’s all, but Awesome!!!
    images-3.jpegimages.jpegimages-1.jpegimages-2.jpegSo this upcoming year I have various opportunities to travel outside my Denver. I know Denver wants me to stay, but as I’m a free spirit and bird, I love to travel! I want to join other nerds that are very excited about the arts as much as I am.
  6. House-
    Here in Colorado Rent Rates have gone up, but the House Market is fairly well. But I’d want a big Yard, fireplace, picket fence, kids, and most of all a garage.  We live in Colorado so we’re snowed in half the time and getting snow off my car is killer. Recently I cleaned off my car, and I felt that I ran a marathon, Really?!
  7. Be featured and/or collaborate with Latina Magazine; or any magazine that’s hip and has the same aspirations as I do.
    Some of the Companies I’d love to collaborate with are:
    nd of course other Latinas that see this page, feel free to email me and I’d be excited to collaborate on a piece together!
    The Only way for bigger and brighter beginnings is if you are humble. I’m still very humble for these upbringings for 2015 and I feel blessed to have experiences and now I’m ready for a brighter future for me, my business in blogging and my brand.


Happy New Years and I hope you too have a 5-point plan, I beg you to start today, please don’t wait until the ball drops.