What Happens When You’re Kicked off Facebook

Recently due to the eclipse, some things came off balance.

As I was about to purchase my Facebook Ads-  I got this notice:

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 12.31.17 PM

It asks you if you can please provide a picture of yourself, so I did.

But weeks went by and no word. I began to still continue, but I just felt like something was off and I didn’t deserve to be excluded from 2.01 billion users of Facebook.

So I rounded up my Mexican Silcon Valley friends who are back-end engineers, and front-end engineers.

By the way I was in the process of creating another bomb-gity website so that also could have caused some lines to cross and then on top of that my number was being switched and phone numbers were being changed. A lot of social media platforms require phone numbers to be validated account, and if your phone number changes or is disconnected it confuses social medias with phone numbers are changed.

But Here are some steps I recommend to take if this ever happens to anyone!

  • Don’t Panic!
    • Rejected, excluded, and banned scratched in red letters, terrify me too. But don’t worry you still have your real people, friends, family, and organizations that still know you first name basis.
    • Who must have blocked you off, check your circle of friends- who have you just met up with? Did they seem shady? Was there a creepy guy next to you slamming away on his laptop, keying away, looks strange and shady because that creepy guy sat right next to you even though he has 100 million other places to sit (watch out for those stalkers!)
  • Try creating a new profile
    • I know I didn’t want to create a new profile, but I created a new one and that one is the solid one. Try a new name- FB has this policy about names
    • Then complain to FB about your fb profile being hacked into and being blocked *I bet you FB knows who I am now, due to the amount of complaints I’ve sent and submitted because I wasn’t going down without a fight
  • Check your computer
    • Change your passwords to everything!
    • write them down
  • Check your circle of friends
    • This was funny people though bc of Facebook I didn’t contain relationships, which was even more funnier because a whole party of people know me from first name basis or know me from “La Xingona.”
    • Have your google contacts backup book with names, addresses, and phone numbers
    • Be sure to choose your friends wisely, those people represent you (gracias gente!)
    • If you notice anything fishy, shady, or plain mf crazy make a police report. You are able to report anything suspicious, which is even funnier, cops and law enforcement carries more nerdy people who know their shit w/ hacking and they’re able to reach a person by its IP address and coding within the wifi. Really high tech. I can go on and on. (this is the new future of avoiding privacy terms)



  • Events with high security- leave your phones  in the car- take the battery out and sim card out- (its the hassle of them later tracking your phone, footsteps, and on top of that social media- where your brain, heart, and emotions, circles of friends, your life- leave it
  • Carry an address book- I know right old school right, but incase your shit was to be hacked into and looked at. I consider carrying paper instead of electronics. With Electronics you depend on battery life. With a book, you depend on your brain to work to read numbers, letters, and words
  • Buy a 1TG external hard drive w/ password- this is where my heart lives. I have many external hard drives and it has documents, videos, pictures that I might need just incase you need to re-set your computer into factory setting, starting at zero. (oh yeah ojoitos, wink wink, not everything is kept on my computer) 
  • Talk to your fambam, friends, peers, and any contact that you might have outside of Facebook and let them know to contact Facebook through settings- and send feedback/ Report a problem. Also on that same note, tell them do not accept no friend or message request that looks shady with your name on it. Notify them and tell them when your account has been repaired.
  • Try logging into your Facebook account from a 100 mile distance. If you’re able to log in from a difference location, then I suggest you Resetting your computer to Factory Settings because your IP address is what has been convesgated by hackers and that’s their blood line. (Cut it.- Let them know their days are numbered. 1. 2. 3. 4.)
  • Reset your computer to factory settings- its better if you start from zero again, but a lot of your stuff is on the external hard drive and all you need is to re-do and spend some time 😛

If you are still not convienced on why or what has caused you to be kicked off of Facebook, don’t worry you’re not alone. Read this article, even famous people have gotten their asses to boot out of Facebook. Read here!

Maybe I’m not too far from stardom! yes! Maybe I am getting a little famous and people might not like it either, but no worries because I have my fambam, community, and state that have my back 🙂 So keep hating-

Which makes me believe if you’ve gotten kicked off a social media, good for you! You pissed off a couple people, including that social media platform, and they’re watching, reading, and engaging.

So dust that dirt off your shoulder because you need to adjust your crown.

Thank you for blocking me Facebook- because now the people that disliked me, exposed their insecurities to me.


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