I went to Miami to be an organizer, we had some success and here are some of the lessons I bring with me.

1. Hard work beats Talent- David

Dug this into me because I remember night after night staying up a 12hour day making my phone calls, knocking on doors, and building relationships, he mentioned that you are already talent, but hard work is hard to come by.

I made sure I made my mark with molcajete grinding- hard work.

2. Be grateful- Josephine

She had come out of poverty just like me, but she was the first of her family to graduate High school and college.

someone might be killing to get what you have right now.

3. Be yourself- Tory

Tory was real all the time, she did not give a damn and she was from Trinidad, loved her accent and very educated. I really had real concrete thoughts that made you be like “DAMN GIRL!” But being you was always the way to go, no way anyone was going to

4. Love yourself – Eve and Shrerane

Both women very astounding women that made me think on my feet, think for your own, because at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

It’s true and be living your life like you’re a million dollars

5. Don’t let petty people make you petty and love yourself like a million bucks- Shearande & Eve!

She told me about how people who are petty are like viruses they like to make everybody else sick of themselves.

Oh yeah and they love to make other people petty because they themselves are having a bad day, life, “mama called with the flu, oohhhh people can be so petty, and petty dislike to see other people happy.”

Eve- she a beautiful and curves and she don’t give a damn if its cold outside, she still is very fashionable and she’s always dressed in style. I love how she wakes up with beautiful aspirations and she knows it. This is exactly what women of have to do, not give a damn and look good and then you’ll feel good. (I know this won’t work for all women) But if we just didn’t give a damn about everybody else and that social media, we’d be secure, confident, and rule world.

I love Eve, because she doesn’t bring other people’s opinion to how she looks and feels and she does it. Woop!

6. There’s no wrong doing in going to Church- I was so curious why so many churches. Fill the soul with faith. There’s never a wrong doing in praying and cleansing the soul. I assisted to several Church services. They were the most warm-opening hearted people I’ve ever met.

A lot of my Miami people had a church within their walking distance. As for me religion is something very private, but I do have a very close faith with God.

7. A hot blazing Cafesito at 3pm is always good. My Dominican familia was just awesome and we connected a lot because their house was very packed with family members. It was familia and it felt amazing

8. Be a Mama to Your Kids- as much as you think I am able to forgive and love a woman who I saw trying to make it be active in the community, be a mom, a role model, activist, etc I just know that when she had brought her kids that I can see myself having kids and having my kids too, come to work with me. -Asrielle

9. Keep your culture close- Ana & the Girls – Met Ana and girls within the neighborhood of Little Haiti with such an enthusiasm and excitement about being part of the Democratic process.
Met the girls and they all gave me joy. To come to find to it, she was the one always pushing me to get the other call, to bring in more people to our events. They made it known that they were very excited to be there.

10. Last but not Least, was Sandy. She was the most impeachable person who never gave up on all of us. She has an incredible story about her childhood growing up in Little Haiti and the loving and kind of relationship between her and her mother.

She really stuck on me the phrase of the circus. People will put up their own circus and the only mature thing to do is not to attend to that circus.

Meaning and putting it in simpler words people will put up their own drama- post things on social media to get your attention, reaction, and we all know those mind games of social media and the only grown thing to do is not to buy into it. People on social media are insecure about themselves and scared of what other people have instead of being involved in their own lives they seek validation via social media and likes.

I’ve learned that when you buy into social media and that psychology you are not bringing peace to your soul, passion, and surroundings. Not to only mention peace as a human being but there’s mental disorders of Narcism, which you should check out if someone is overly obsessed with social media, a lot of people in power, community members, who define themselves via social media is where it starts. Addictions to likes, self-validation via social media is serious!

You buying into it their circus, will not bring peace. If You do not attend to it You go by what Michelle Obama said…

When they go Low, we go High!

and you win!

I love you all and give appreciation to all that I had met along the way to Miami and I hope this year will be filled with new friends and familias in Miami, when I return.

Gracias a Dios forever you will be in my heart!

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