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As many of you know that these past 6 months of Soyxingona has been  uplifting, inspiring, and of course a lot of Molcajete Grinding!

I’m happier than ever being an independent journalist. What would have gotten me here, is asking a lot of questions. That’s what I love to do, ask questions, observe, listen, give affordable marketing services, and help other Latinas open their minds for all possibilities.

I started off with my greatest book, read- Audiobook- How to be a Badass. It’s a great start to 2018.

I’m filling my mornings with affirmations, inspiring people, and positive energy.

Due to a recent hack (some how someone really REALLY was dying to find out all my secrets) might have been a stalker, a close friend, or maybe a co-worker- who knows, but this hasn’t stopped me doing what I love to do. I can admit it did hurt me because it was my first time opening my heart to the Denver Latino community, just to find out there’s this one quote that is an old morale of

“White you’re alright; If you’re Brown stick around; If you’re Black get back.”

I hope the person that hacked me takes the strength that has in he/she/her/him to confront me. I know we’re all in this fish bowl together and being vulnerable is hard but this hurt me and my trust to my community will be filled with retribution.

I will never be the open warm hearted mujer that I was once before. The saddest part was taking my kindness for a weakness or a threat. I have walls due to this action.

There’s a lot of redemption to win back this year. I am not going to quit.

 If people really want to say they’re big bosses and have all the power in the world, but can’t come forward to tell me themselves they hacked me and wanted to see me “ugly” cry. No chance in the world will I give you that chance. You can try, because I’ve also tried but being cruel takes a lot of energy. (According to bruja’s magic- it does, take a lot of energy).

To move forward I am still the last one standing and unbeatable.

Again, I made it here till 2018 and look forward to more years to come, come get me and I will still stand and I have yet to find out who wanted to know all my deepest secrets, the stalkers, the shit-talkers, the people who envy my life, and want to spread that negativity first thing New Years.

Thanks for trying anyway for trying! la Xingona lives on!

so why the post- People in power want to control, break, and cover press- but what they don’t know is that People in power can’t control press this is why the Constitution states about the Freedom of Press, Number 1.

Because if they do start trying and/or making the smallest effort to control press- then they dim the light to have transparency and make themselves look like another #elPendejo

But know this to be a Xingona is to be on your toes, grounded, wise, and patient.

The great thing about all this is that I learned to defend myself and to know who I am able to trust.

I once had the opportunity to work at the Capitol met some incredible people, my fambam and those people stick by me BC they know I do good and they have evidence documented. I am grateful for them and they’re happy to not be named but they’re really close to my heart. But the reason I mention them tonight BC they know me when I found out about the spotlight and what are the pros and cons. I remain humble to have my small circle of friends, culture, roots, values, and overall I am genuine. I am rare. I don’t seek validation of Facebook likes, or depend my value on social media.

Having my abundance, life, and people who care for you no matter what, is what’s important. Not how many views, likes, or shares value my moments in life.

(Like when I met ojoitos, thank God for cameras, not phone cameras)

I already know what it means to be the spotlight girl, and now I am very appreciative of my small circle and proud of it.

And since everyone knows now that I am unbeatable, unbreakable, and have persevered. I can do anything in all. all good comes to me.

I will soon be broadcasting live…hopefully this upcoming weekend to tell you about how this year is and what I look forward to!

Stay turned what will might be in the talks:

-List of Books- keep grinding- inspiration- why you should know your worth, protect your spirit, Know yourself, and fall in Love yourself- books

-My Simple, Clear, and Easy Campaign- and How to Effectively Market Yourself, Xingona Style

– How to Keep Your Light (blessed, humble, grateful, appreciate, values, staying grounded and what that means)

– How Not to Play into People’s petty Party & How It Can Save You! (Because people are mf crazy af. People and their mental games because everyone is out there in the world reading everyone elses’ posts on Social media instead of being involved in their own world, life, and just eliminating junk out of your soul. People are consumed with knowing other people’s lives. It gets even worse people need validation from likes, shares, and attention and that can all be targeted to mental disorders.)

– What’s in My Bag- Morning routine- how I wash my hair, brush my hair, brush my teeth, what toothpaste I use and why and where you can buy it. (Omg you know I’m totally joking, LOL)

-Being the Last Standing and Being Genuine is Hard to Find

– TIPs how to Protect yourself from this whole Technology Juju

– What My Miami Family Taught Me *

***The Only Post I will write for next Week


Keep in Mind I have continued Molcajetegrinding of Soyxingona since 2014- This brings me to the most remarkably inspiring year to look forward this Five years


and I am totally very grateful for all the fans and present followers who follow me, stalking me, and even if its a small amount of people I know I have touched their hearts and they’re something very special to me because I know they have my back and that I will not be quitting any time soon.

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