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I think it is. It makes me angry how someone in leadership can offend a group of a Majority without accountability. That makes me know that Donald Trump only bought himself a ticket to become a republican nomination w/o handwork involved. We know he didn’t make the money on his own, his father lend him money. Point settled. He’s not a true leader to think about his community before himself. He’s an immigrant like everyone is.

Leaders like him need to be held accountable for making┬áderogatory remarks about a class that works extremely hard to make a living. People have been sent to jail about making extreme remarks, we can’t create a government centralized on the obsession of money, power, and corruption.

What’s more even more disgraceful he’s over here posting pictures of him eating a “TACO SALAD.” Sabes que Donald Michael Trump, me cayas map!

We need to stand and to support the Democratic party.

Did Donald Trump pay the election- if so, can say he did on T.V. Let everyone know how the Republican party works.

Hillary Clinton, you better be on your #molcajetegrind to get THIS TAKEN CARE OF… ok. ­čśŤ