There are many open positions world wide for a “community organizer,” and its not a hard job, just a lot of work.

Here’s a simple way to organize a Community:

  1. Know what issues are important to your community.
    1. For example: for me in Federal Heights there’s a lot of unethical things going on with the mobile home areas, they tow cars w/o proper notification and this usually happens during Rent time when everyone has paid rent. (looks like the Towing company doesn’t have rent and/or lunch money so they tow a car)
  2. I looked for a community room- we’re going to have a number of community meetings, to build relationships
    1. seek out other resources in your community that are willing to provide the room/ space and also if they have other resources willing to bring in people and other community resources
    2. Sincerely it doesn’t have to be a room- but it can be at someone’s home- ask permission.
  3. Develop a Flyer
    1. I created a simple flyer- since you don’t know what place, add the times.
      1. Most working class people would prefer Wednesday evenings-
  4. Ask for Babysitter
    1. make a simple request on Craigslist
      1. There’s some babysitters willing to do some accommodations but be sure to communicate well with the babysitters
      2. why the babysitters- makes it easier for you to project your message without all the kids running around, making noises, etc.
  5. Time to Canvass-
    1. Hopefully by this time you already have a map of your community & Flyers- Don’t have one, look it up and this would help!
    2. Canvass the areas that are most effected by the issue mentioned in Step 1.
    3. Talk to people- get their info
    4. Take flyers, pen, and paper
    5. Write their info down, phone numbers, addresses, and what days best works for them
  6. After two days of canvassing- contact them to remind them of the day of the meeting * depending on how many people you’d like to have at your event- the more canvas the more contacts the better
    1. via text- I tried texting, it worked soooo Well!
    2. Call- some love calls- Leave Messages with your number
  7. Ask for Donations-
    1. Some of the resources I seeked out had some food donations
    2. I was lucky enough to score a donation from King Suppers that helped me with some food for the Community Meetings
    3. Write a simple letter (some food places need a Tax ID number, again work with organizations), with who you are and why do you need this food?

Part II- Day of Community Meeting:

  1. Print out a sign in sheet- Name, email, phone number-
  2. Have a power point ready, (I had this big note pad to take notes with isle)
  3. Pens
  4. Name tags
  5. Food- plates, napkins, forks, spoons, dressing (if salad), cups, water
  6. Nights before have an agenda setup with various community resources to promote their services to the community

Part III- after the meeting:

  1. Repeat Parts I & II
  2. Keep in contact with all your contacts
  3. Create a Facebook page
  4. Help your contacts with resources

People from other organizations thought I wasn’t able to create a space for people to talk about possible solutions and here I am #molcajetegrinding like a Xingona getting things done!

This Xingona knows how to be a community organizer and strategic planner by #molcajetegrinding.