Some Strong Advice From Mujer a Mujer

Don’t forget it people! We’re only in day 4 and we need to keep going! Keep accountable of yourself, goals, and what you committed to Here are some of the things I committed to doing for 2017: Detox- it’s a green tea con lemony cucumber. Easy said and written down, but this xingona loves her […]

Xingona Tips: Goals

Set Yourself Up for Success Goals are definitely a main reason why la xingona exists today. If you plan, you plan to succeed! Here’s the rundown for being a xingona; Xingonas have a plan from a-z and then numerical numbers after that. I’m just going to throw things at your way so you can be […]

Quick Question

People read this stuff I already write here at, would you be interested in buying my journals? Like an Anne Frank Journal? I’d like to know if you’d like a copy! [googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-LVFjdKZimFrbTUpgv1MRpq8Ld3h55GQykx1ERj2UfVsyzA/viewform” query=”embedded=true” width=”760″ height=”500″ /]  

Donald Trump Will Not Be My President

Easy and simple. What makes a person who never paid a dime to help structure U.S., but to help his family benefitted from it. For years he’s gotten away with not paying taxes while the working class coughs up blood and gives, hands, legs, and arms to keep afloat with finances. The American culture is […]

Xingona Political Thought

#unpresidented Russia (Putin) helped Trump win, so then Russia (Putin) would like the help back and Putin can easily influence US politics. And then since history likes to repeat itself. Here we have another man who wants to control another country and is addicted to power and corruption. here we have similar story like the […]

Xingona Tips: Story

When you tell your story- remember everyone needs to learn this skill incase you’re pitching your story to have sponsorship, fundraisers, and also when investors are looking at your profile. Let them in, make it short and sweet, mention some molcajete moments that made you xingona, and then give a sweet future ending like (she […]

Top Ten Gifts for Latina Entrepreneurs

Sponsorship- we need it and love it!   2. Paid Advertising- which goes hand in hand with sponsorship, so your known circle of friends know your work and their work are in a partnership. There should be a way that FB and other social media platforms are able to advertise and through considerable “gifting” ways. […]

Xingona Tips

I’m going to start setting up myself for success. Here’s one way- focus Fear not we will get through this together ohhhh my god the printer broke, do you even need the printer today? Curious how this thing works Unicorns were once a trend, hello 80’s Sorry but I’ll cut the bull crap and I […]


Hey everyone if you haven’t heard, now you know! I’m on a radio with KUHS. In collaboration with radio promotional and broadcasting. Join me every Sunday- Canciones de Domingo with Mujer empowerment Sundays!Sundays! Sundays! Sundays! Sundays! Download the app or listen on! I will be taking requests, questions, also if you’re interested in making an […]

Welcome December with…

Open arms and hearts. Let me tell you why I love December so much, not just because it’s my birthday month but because I get to write my brain off for a month. It’s going to be my gift to you. I won’t tell you what everyday’s writing will be, but its my surprise to […]