This Mobile home area is nice, however here are some things to keep in mind.

You’re in a mobile home area- so privacy is very small. Most of everyone here speaks Spanish.

You’re constant watching out for the tow truck and my car. Every time during the rent time which are the last few days in the month the tow truck make their way their the neighborhood. Any Tow can cost me my rent and I’m back in the cliff effect.

So recently I canvassed in this Mobile Home Area and a lot of people had their cars towed for stupid reasons. One was when an old lady had to put groceries into the house-

One horrific story was when a car had a flat tire during Midnight! and Of course, who’s going to be watching their tires at midnight. So the tow truck towed the car during midnight due to a flat tire and of course, the car was parked in the parking spot, no disruption to traffic at all.

I feel frustrated that the mobile home areas who have a mutual contract with the towing companies to make their profits. I’m frustrated because my people of Federal Heights are being taken advantage just like Politicians who say they’ll make it a better living situation, though this is how business is ran.

If businesses can’t make their profits, tooth and nail- whichever way is possible to make the quick buck off of the backs of the working people.

Which pisses me off because that’s how people are put into the cycle of the cliff effect.  I’ve been observing since October that Kimberly Hills is just a sour puss company and wants to see people in the hole, starving, and owing them money, wants to see people in worry, frustration, angry, and etc.

Law Enforcement in Kimberly Hills- the speed limit is 15 mph. I go 10 mph. Reason being is that yet another way to put people in the cliff effect. I also see some people are privileged to the fact that some don’t get the same speeding tickets, because they don’t live near the entrance of Kimberly Hills. Only the people who need to take the main entrance are highly to get a speeding ticket or a ticket for not stopping. And speeding is very minimal like 25mph or whatever the fact is nothing is over 40mph.

However here in Kimberly Hills they’re not here to provide your living situation at the most comfortable, they’re here to make a profit. Yes they might have the community baking sales, but where do all those profits go to. To the management company that doesn’t provide a well- safe and comfortable living.

The people here live in constant fear because whenever there’s a towed car, the management needs to give permission to tow the car. Basically saying that the Management Company don’t give a damn about you and your life.

This is when I get angry and I have to resort to some type of way to speak my voice and frustration!

And if you do end up here, don’t!

I googled them and they have several lawsuits against them and who knows where to find that info and why they’re so sketch.