Since I was concerned about my future here in Denver since our rents are as high as a New York apartment, I seeked out more collaborative information coming straight from the Mayor and crew.

Three things what’s going to happen:

-Basically they’re going to use up this $15 million dollars for the next 10 years to construct 6,000 new units.

-Denver is going to charge developers a fee (which I thought would already have)

-Then another fee for Home for Property Value.

They created this survey, which exposed that people are scared to own houses due to the crashing of the Housing Market back in 2007, which brought the U.S. to the recession.

With the results, people in Denver rather Rent. (this was crazy to me because we should be trying to strive for homeownership)

I’d like to provide that info, but DHA has yet to post the results on their website (for public use).

They also mentioned that this meeting is just to get a better look at what people are “thinking” and “hoping” for the future for affordable housing in Denver.


Robin Kniech made it clear that the community was here to just make some recommendations, but the Mayor, has the authority to just approve the $15,000 million expenditure.

So basically we’re too late to make any suggestions and/or change the contracts.

Then I was about to leave, but the good stuff always happens after the meetings. Just like in the Caucus, “you can leave now,” after everyone has voted. Then you missed out on half the voting on the DAs. Terry taught me you show up and be the last to leave.

So I stayed for the “Home” meeting, because I was a little confused about the fees and I had questions like what’s going to happen to students like me. Who do not have a family, but need affordable housing.

Its been an on-going struggle in my world even at jobs, at my last banking job, Vectra Bank wouldn’t raise my pay nor my hours due to the fact I didn’t have like a logical reason like have a family to support. Which I recently learned that there is discrimination because of my single status. And yes, every time I have an interview I’m asked if I have kids (which also is another illegal question to ask!)

So I stayed and this is what happened!

IMG_0564 copy

The most exciting thing happened, Antonio Johnson, stood up and asked about how the $15,000 million dollars is just for 10 Years, which means the property owners can agree to have a percentage of 40% units to be affordable housing for 10 years. But then after those 10 years are up, the property owner can throw people out because it was in their signed agreement for only 10 years to have affordable housing. So after those 10 years the property owner will get rid of the affordable housing and be making bank.Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.30.26 AM

So when he asked about the land regulations and legal contracts, which should be open to the public, but yet again DHA and Denver County does not expose that information to the public.

However Mr. Johnson came intellectually prepared to know that the interest of the people was not Denver County’s concern.

Robin copy

Robin Kniech failed to answer the question and various members knew that they swift to another issue, instead of addressing it.

“Who is going to put the State accountable, if they’re the only ones buying property to construct housing?” asked Antonio Johnson.

Another great question came for people going through eviction processes.Evicted people, aren’t able to apply for programs within the affordable housing resources due to the reason of the eviction on their record, then if those applicants go outside to other places to apply for housing/apartments, they’re denied because of evictions. So where do those people go, if no one wants to rent to you?

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.29.14 AM

Also, since the Denver City and County decided to clear out the streets of homeless people,

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.27.45 AMthere’s been another higher expenditure of policing out the homelessness, however we can be better spending that money on helping constructing tiny houses like read this article from Buzzfeed, Tiny Houses for a Thought

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.26.30 AM

I came with the mentality that we have much more work to do for the living wage, $15, Wage gap, and Affordable Living.

I went home and was very grateful for living in a mobile. Its slightly smaller, but its my own space, desk, and I have my own kitchen.

Its highly populated with the most vulnerable people, the immigration community. I can talk more about my community, and the issues I’ve brought out to the light. Check out my “Communidad” tab for more adventures and experiences.