Chile Sauce
This Chile Sauce is very very traditional, handed down from great great great grandma. The Abuela xingona!, she’s the one that once escaped Pancho Villa’s army by hiding in a cold oven. Back then Pancho and his army would kidnap girls and take them, never see them again.

Well I kidnapped this great spicy chile sauce recipe.


-One handful of New Mexico Chile (long chile)
-One small handful of Pequin Chile (small chile) *be careful, if your gringo and spice is your weakness then use 2 pequins, I’m xingona so I love me some spice.
– water
– Sauce pan
– metal strainer (I recently bought a better strainer, smaller holes)
– 2 blocks of Knorr
– some oil
– Blender
– wooden spoon
– Chile tongs


boil chile in sauce pan

When chile looks soft and floppy, its done.

*you’ll be able to smell it! Believe me, you’ll start coughing 🙂

Then grab the chile and blend it in the blender
*please put a dish towel over the lid, things can get messy here!

Then Strain it and boil it with a little bit of oil

When its all blended and bubbling,

add the knorr and Salt for flavoring

and wahh la!

You have Chile Sauce for:

-Chile Colorado (stew with meat and chile yum!)
– The sauce that goes to the Tamales for the meat

and There you have it the most traditional chile sauce for all your needs.
You can stop buying enchilada sauce now!

Chile Sauce!