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Everything #elPendejo aka: Donald Trump has to say is trash, his life is trash, this is still not my president. We all know he’s a racist and I have lost hope in Justice and Politics to bring a president down just because he’s rich, not wealthy. And people are scared shitless to go up against them, because either he’ll charge at them with their job, career, and overall reputation. Whatever the cause is Donald Trump is nothing but a big FAT bully. Yeah there you go I said it! He’s selfish and everyone knows it. He got the position because he hacked the system just like people hacked my system. It does not make him the victim, it makes him a sour loser because he’s not able to lose but to make himself look like the idiot of America. The man who’s never read a single history book in his life. We all have that question, can he even read. Does he even own a book or a library card, does he even know what a library looks like LOL!

As much as I dislike and want to choke #elPendejo- I put up walls too.

One day that hacker and all the friends that claimed to be my friends will come forward with the truth and tell me about all this nonsense that had occurred. It’s happened so time long ago, why don’t they just confront me? What cowards?! Just fess up! What do you have to lose except for my love notes to Ojoitos, video clips of overweight Cory Gardner conducting is one and only Physical Townhall meeting, and Attorney General brief interviews.

*what were they trying to find?

And yeah maybe I was up the game on competition, but that doesn’t make me a criminal, nor a bad person. I was just trying prove to this universe, it could be done with molcajete grind work, which I did it.

Again you can’t control media and press. You Don’t Own Me or my press. You Don’t Own Press.

Yes you might have bought your reporters, newscasters, and journalist. I am not for sale. Sorry to be the bare of bad news.

***Why I am  Xingona reason *** thanks to Alicia- Because I broadcasted a Town Hall meeting that made it hard for the working people of Denver to assist. Yes, I brought my own camera and broadcasted it on my own w/o the Major League Press companies making their “own” edits and commercials and coorportate lingos. I did it. Bravo to me 😛

I made it Xingona Style and made it assessable to everyone cross Facebook live and you know what… there’s nothing you can stop me from doing it. -not a a crime 😛 first amendment 😛 Suckers can’t take competition #CBScansuckmytampon hack me again and we’ll see you in court, thank you!

POC/ Criminal justice question:

Do people (i.e. people in power, community leaders) think/ believe that after a POC (who has already been scrunized/ tarted throughout their life) is going to be ok after being scrunized? Do you think POC who go under a series of investigations, they’re going to come out ok, mentally?

*Specific one case of the 4/5 boys in NYC who were targeted as criminals for a Central Park Rape, we’re scrunized their whole entire life and pressured to plead guilty to a crime they never even committed. After years later buracacy did not want to take the blame for targeting five Black African boys.

POC- born criminals just because society can’t handle a different race and color of skin.

Says a lot about them. Yes, it is called racism and what they go through by being scrunized is called, systematic racism. Where the system does not work for them, but against them.

My suggestions: leave POC alone and their passions, no wonder your numbers are small of people rising up to a different level because there are numbers of how many POC you actually have who are prospering and if not, then what we talked about in my last post of the last quote I once heard:

If you’re white, you’re alright, if you’re Black, stay down, and if You’re brown, stick around.

You’re going to have to remember- this is to all the people of color in power, we’re going to rise up and its going to be in our own way and you’re soon to be voted off and retire soon and we’re going to be the ones in charge. One way or another You will not control any of us. Not our success. Not our opinions. Not even our addresses. Piece of advice do your job be the public servant. Serve, consider, and be transparent.

-Coming from Atticus

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