1. Coffee Shop (what is your favorite coffee/drink?)

2. Book Store (what’s up in the brain?)

3. Farmers Market (can you cook something?)

4. Race Car Driving (can you drive a stick?)

5. Zoo (what kind of animal are you?)

6. Movies (i.e. Action, Girl Flick, Horror, Humor, etc…my preference would be Action with a lot of blood shed, where I get to learn how to kill a man with my bare hands (American Assissan, wink wink)

7. Fasinations (what kind of sex freak are you?)

8. Hiking (do you like to explore the wilderness?)

9. Picnic (can you plan something?)

10. Art Show (can you intellectually talk with other artsy fartsy people about weird stuff on the wall and act maturely, are you into looking at weird stuff with me?)


These were the new tinder date ideas, where I would go and why.

Half at it Boss, looks like I have a date with a charming intellect and amusing man who can not only read a book, but cook me a dinner and talk my ear off about Piscaso art.

Let’s see what you got universe!