Hot Topics of this Week consists of:


  1. Take the knee
  2. DACA in Denver
  3. Self-Care Xingona

Taking Knee-

Taking the Knee is espically important. I recently went to a Cory Gardner Townhall meeting and I took the knee when they were pledging alliegence. I took the knee because as a person of color I know the disgraceful this government has been.

But I’m not the only one taking the knee.

Ken Patrick’s taking the knee took a world wide activity as the NFL players too stood down and took down a knee alongside with NFL executives and CEOs they took the knee.

Within moments Donald Trump retaliated with banning new countries: Libya, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Somaia, Ched


Credits to: CNN

In other ways Artists like Marc Anthony and Wanda Sykes, make it known that @realDonaldTrump should get to work and aid people.

Since natural disasters have left people homeless without shelter, food, and water. Here are some of their tweets.


Donald Trump has made it known that his leadership and power is used to divide not unite us.


DACA in Denver-

Last week, I got the opportunity to join CIRC and many other organizations at a press conference outside Congressman Mike Coffman to push forward a Petition to help push forward DACA to vote.  Congressman Mike Coffman has made it known to make statements that he would push forward a petition.

Credits to: Channel 7

Here’s a clip where we urge people to call Congressman Coffman to petition it up for DACA:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Self Care- Xingona-

Let’s be real, so you have your group of friends, you gossip with, the ones that give you the pep talk, and those who don’t provide that much support. Get rid of those people, your time and energy is to worthy of that. I am taking you into my personal journey where I had to take some people off my list, because my gut was just saying to me “no, this person is not benefiting you in a positive way. “You need to find people that will push you harder, will be there, will like your posts, even though they’re goofy as hell, but still they got your back. Those are the people you need to have in your life.

Remember be you , love you, and the way you treat yourself is the way others treat you. So love yourself.



Upcoming Events-

Fall is in full effect, leaves changing colors, and all the fun fall festivities. I can’t wait- I’m going to be taking you guys along with me on cornfields- (some video- some sound), pumpkin patches, moon-shine tours (yes, sir got my cup and my drank on!), and bring out your decrative skills out- its fall season and there’s many DIY projects to do during this fall season with all the colors there’s so much to play around with.

OCTOBER 6TH at Denver Open Media

I will be hosting the First of Friday, Oct 6th at Denver Open Media- come stop by, we have free pizza, beer, and wine. All in one along with creative and entertaining shows done here right at Denver Open Media. Come meet me and some of my associates that create exciting segments! Come meet the fambam. Drink a beer on me! he he he- I will be performing…Biddi Biddi Bom Bom!

So Stick around for next weeks discussion about my experience working for campaigns, horror stories, good-touching heart stories, and how I’m trying to find my next new exciting job (that’s going to be fun!)



Music Credits to:

Raw B- In The City

Otis McDonald

Cherry Blossom- Wonder- Kevin MacLeod