Stop Deportations immediately.

Lock #elPendejo up in prison, he hasn’t paid Taxes and need to know his tax returns, you owe me money, you bitch!

Not just because he’s not paid his taxes with his USA ego, marches around with his star spangled banner shirt and red hat- Impeach #elPendejo for obstruction of Justice and these other Constitutional Laws here. 

Incarcerate the people responsible for all the allocations that has caused this Nation’s time, money, emotional distress due to and during the #elPendejo’s campaign and Presidency period.

All the people involved in the #elPendejo’s Presidency are required to pay up or lock them up- including the campaign manager that dragged a journalist on the ground.

Investigate the #elPendejo Campaign

Raise taxes on the wealthy, bitches better have my money!

Dismantle the Muslim Ban and Construction of the Wall

Lower rates for Educational Federal Grants

Make Education affordable- community college free for all

Make books affordable- cut that loophole off!

Renew DACA and Dreamers reform

Keep Obama Care

Medical and prescription companies lower prices -go to affordable to level- pay less taxes

All body cams for all police officers and camera footage presented at all court hearings part of evidence.

Better Criminal Justice Reform- new training Reform to train police offers NOT to discriminate, racial profile, or pre-judgments towards people of color working alongside with community members with All Black Lives Matter

Private Prisons are cut off for for life!

Prison game out-any municipalities that have a higher rate of POC will have a review of how their jurisdiction is being handled- like who goes to jail for Jay walking or parking tickets- need to reformat

Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

Put Coal Miners to work at Solar energy companies- teach them a new trade

A New Climate Reform for the Environment

Fix the credit system- Do not make divorce, deaths, and school loans not have a negative effect on credit scores

GIVE people their rights!

Women’s reproductive rights Birth Control and Abortions Clinics on every corner from Planned Parent Hood

Make childcare affordable

LGBTQ rights- gender friendly restrooms and be included in the Constitutionals as a protected class

Pay increase for all women- goes in coordination with livable rates of living conditions- Make living affordable with affordable wages-

Give women, adoption,and LGBTQ parents Maternity leave

Freezing all funding towards Military spending

-will add the requirements of the President to have Legal, Political, and Leadership experience and has committed to service its people- not Country- People! (aka: community service, volunteered, and/or actually served the Army, no actors/reality TV Stars allowed)

Power to the People!

My last request would be I will compose of a law that will eliminate any possibilities of the Government to be Privatized and/or be a way for politicians to make money. 

Government and Businesses will be separate just like Religion and Government (stated in the Constitution will remain separate)
Like GE- whatever the fuck they do, we’re not going to fund businesses that don’t cut it and are privatized government and also including airlines, anyway of transportation.


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