So what’s up, been a hella of a long time since I’ve written a post. Due to current low key success. Ya’lls will soon see what I will be working on, hopefully by this week, but in the meantime recently  my girl, Sandy broadcasted Live a segment that hit me hard core to my roots at home hard to my heart. Also because Sandy is my girl and I’ve learned so much from her when I was in Miami, big warm and love shout outs to her! She’s fearless and flawless!

Recently I’ve reclaimed another word that describes me as a “grown woman.” Because you’re grown you pay your damn bills, you mind your own business, you do you. And this is where I’m at.

I’m such a grown woman, I don’t let perceptions hit me or bring me down. Everyone has an opinion. Its not going to bring me down and stop me from what I’ve been working hard.

Again these bystanders people want you to react a certain way or bring petty to your vibe, environment, and soul because remember if you read the Secret and familiar with the Law of Attraction, you are what you attract.

Also, mind you, that you also need to take care of your words. #wordsmatter because whatever you say affects your universe, your success, plus when you start saying those petty words, its called ugly.

I’ve learned that not everything in life deserves a reaction nor do you need to sink down to their petty- party. People are going to be jealous, envious in every way that people appreciate and love you.

And your job is to kick that shit to the curb and keep doing you. Again “If you stop giving Clowns Attention, they will stop performing.” we go high

This is also another great way to put it by Mrs. Obama- Which in short story- When she said this quote, I was in Miami, going through the some shiiittt, same thing. Because my supervisors saw that I had an interest in press and social media and they didn’t like that I had the spotlight. Yeah the light follows me, I don’t ask for it. But I’m still happy that I’m able to be a normal person and do me!

But when you start growing up because you do you and you have your bills, pay your own bills, you do you a lot. I do a lot of stuff by myself recently and its been liberating to know that I am the Xingona to represent my brand so other women are able to follow and understand that the world is not walk in the park, but there are sweet moments where you stand and don’t need to attend a petty party to attract more clowns because you have the POWER!

Your energy is what you attract so unless you’d rather have a successful  outcome to any situation is to ask yourself… Is this going to benefit me and my world? Is it going to be a positive circumstance? or Are other people wanting you to damage your soul?

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.11.13 AM


Don’t get stuck in the petty party- waste of time, energy, and your spirit breaks. Don’t let no one take your spirit, your ambition, goals, and inner peace.

Reclaim your space, time, and energy. It is all you. You decide what will you attract into your life.