Here’s my rebuttal to that-

Did a research of The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

That includes:


Arizona was won by #elpendejo 49.5% and total of Electoral votes were: 11

Arizona is where this happened- “might encourage


Idaho was won by #elpendejo by 59.2% and total of Electoral Votes were: 4

Protest arose again!

NMI- won by #elpendejo with a total of 9 Electoral Votes
Trump has money here. Has an interest, but get this…Hillary Won Guam, but was not counted for because its a territory not a real State. But #elpendejo counted for the Northern Mariana Island. *see tricky tricky
Won by 51.3% and total of 3 electoral votes.
and protest broke out!
Won by 55.6% and a total of 3 Electoral Votes
#elpendejo won by 51.3% with a total of 18 Electoral Votes
All voted for #elpendejo and now they’re in jeopardy of losing all their hard work. I thought #elpendejo was going to be your ride or die chick, that always had your back, Like this:
donlad and daughter
Oh wait, that’s your daughter.
Do you think he’s able to turn is back on the states that voted for him?
 Clown Car
Elect a Clown, expect a circus.
GOP gets in because they’re in it for the laughs, shits, and giggles and they’re taking us all to the shit show #puppycircus #electaclown #expectacircus #monkey