You sleep a lot longer 7-9 hours of sleep and you wake up more refreshed.


You feel lighter, fit, and feel like you can conquer the world with this whole new stamina.


You’re able to make quicker decisions and work gets easier. Manage my time more wisely. Now I maintain a better schedule since there’s some time restrictions on gym time and snack time (boy do I love to cook and eat!)


You lose weight a lot faster (everyone’s body is different, just that mine has a higher metabolism and when I took meat out of my daily diet, it activated a faster and higher metabolism)


It cleared up- My face has been spotless and the complexion has been corrected. I used to have darker bags under my eyes, but those cleared up to. No need to use that much makeup, just simple mascara and eyeliner.


I feel happier and emotionally intelligent. Feel less prone to be sad or cry about what #notmypresident is doing. I feel stronger mentally and emotionally. Less prone to be in stressful situations and if stressful situations arise, I can quickly know what to do.


My breath is  everything. Learning to breath when you’re running, when you’re sitting still, mediating, when you’re in stressful situations. Its everything, but my breathing isn’t out of breath as I used to.


I had to definitely find creative ways to cook at a lower budget and spent less money when I went shopping since I already knew I wasn’t stopping by the Meat section.

Beans, quinoa, rice, peppers, and of course Avocado were my general foods to go to. Since I love flavor and heat, I started experimenting with a lot of peppers and spicy-ness 😛

Of course, since we have very minimal out-going food places that offer “vegan” plates, I had to become more comfortable cooking in a vegan way and if I did end up going out, I’d have either Shrimp tacos (which isn’t technically meat) or have some nachos skip on meat and chicken.

Why go Vegan?

If you feel sluggish and heavy all the time and feel like you’ve done everything in the book to look fit. Try it. At least try something once.

Also because of lent. I’m trying to see how far I can go with Lent. My sacrifice to God. I don’t deserve no prize no recognition but that My body belongs to God and I love myself for that!