Let’s talk about Cupid

Ever Since I was told about cupid, I had big expectations. He always fell through. He never could get his shit together. He was either late or way off. Other than a little angel shooting arrows all over the place, I also discovered that it was all part of a scheme of a marketing plan to make capitalism to indulge in materialistic products. Spend money, spend money, money, money, money, money, spend money!

Again the retail, nails, makeup, roses, instagram of non-reality pictures, obsession over materialistic things. Again its all temporary and non realistic. It doesn’t have a long term promise, temporary for the limelight and addiction to likes on social media.

Spending money and time on replaceable and temporary items are the true indulgement of Valentine’s Day, these days.

Real love and romance come with a less price tag but memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. Real love comes within and its not something you see, you feel it.

Real love comes from emotions, experiences, it can be as a simple letter or a post card.

I believe its always important to spend time for yourself. Recently, when I was in Miami- learned all about myself, being by myself, being independent, taking care of myself. I consider myself more in love with myself and my business.

The more energy you put into something positive, results are positive.

Yeah yeah, fame and the spotlight might follow me once in awhile, but I don’t let it effect my relationships. Nor do I deny my feelings and my true inner self.

In the past I had very high expectations for cupid to be once the popular girl with a full box of Valentine Cards, stating to be their valentines. My God, those fairy tales really fucked with our heads.

Well Cupid, this year you’re being let go. Pink slipped. This year is my fairy tale involves something different. Something that I’m not going to deny nor am I going to hide it or shut up about it. I’ve shut up for other people comfortably. Not this baby, this time i’m going to admit that I do not look forward to roses, chocolates, cookies, cards, cars…etc No thank you.

I really believe that the more we love ourselves, the better people we are to the world. We treat ourselves better, we treat other people with respect.

This year I look forward for more love for my xingona brand, trips to Italy, France, India, China, and spending time with a bad hombre on the beach reading books and drinking some beers.

xingona tip for Valentine’s day:

  1. Don’t believe everything you’re told- including fairy tales (what does your gut tell you)
  2. Do you boo!
  3. Fall in love with yourself first
  4. Don’t Compare Yourself to other people, couples, and relationships
  5. Don’t give up a lot of yourself- learn to say “no thank-you”
  6. Not everything that comes at you needs your attention- remember focus
  7. Be true- be you #sorrynotsorry
  8. Value yourself, Don’t be too easy to smile at the first Ojoito¬†
  9. Play hard to get
  10. Have Fun