Side Hustle, everyone has one.

For millennials your hustle should sparkle, should be your tag line.

My tagline~grind harder than a molcajete~

Really makes me feel empowered to know that other women have created their own hustle and grind in their own garages and kitchens. All for it!

So how I created my hustle is first get out there, don’t look back, and be true to you and what you like, also what others have noticed that you do very well.

Other than sleeping, writing, and drinking up all the wine in my house I’ve noticed that I am good at cooking (very bomb pozole, pies, and some good mole!) Basically I read all these self-love and motivational books to figure out exactly what is it that I want and how to obtain it.

1 of them being is your skills, what are your skills? Well for me I’m a very hands on girl with technology with videography, photography, and I stay away from micromanaging environments. I love to lead and create my own projects.

So this whole entrepreneur thing is my side hustle. I’m my own boss, I pull a Lenny all the time “I work for myself,” and I feel and believe the way to be fully independent and feel like you can conquer the world when you get up and do it.

Recently I thought of the What ifs of life and guess what I did I went out and did it.

I took a step of being scared of what other people might think of me, but after and during my trip to Miami, I just didn’t care anymore what people thought of me.

Know your skills, know what you’re good at, and just do it. Do it until an Ah! moment comes up.

Being Xingona is also being innovated, trying to work with what you got, and keep it real. Keep it true to yourself because again if you’re like me that can sell ice to an eskimo, then yeah go ahead, but I don’t care for ice or cold weather.

Again keep going and every time perfect one small detail.

I’m excited for this new experience that will bring in that extra income, but its good for everybody.



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