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Xingona Tips: Goals

Set Yourself Up for Success
Goals are definitely a main reason why la xingona exists today.

If you plan, you plan to succeed!

Here’s the rundown for being a xingona; Xingonas have a plan from a-z and then numerical numbers after that.

I’m just going to throw things at your way so you can be a xingona too

Quick review this—-> Passion Planner <—–

Ready to set your goals on fire! This is where it all begins.

Let’s take some good advice from your Women of Color sister, Erykah_Badu!


Write them down!

Anywhere, buy a journal, book, back of the sheets of recycled paper, on the walls, get creative, use your imigination, and create something new, bright, and colorful for your future.

Now what I would call this is your imigination running wild, we don’t always have the time to consume it nor do we have time to play around, but just remember one thing once you write them down, there’s no way to escape them.


Have you tried reading The Secret.

You are what you attract.

I also got creative and since I’m more on computer than actively looking through pages and pages of journals- here’s a thing I’m using this year is a prezi.


Do you know how powerful a Prezi Powerpoint can be! It’s mind blowing and you should use it to your advantage and carry them everywhere!

Have you ever done a Dream Board?

Here’s mine:

Copy it and stick it everywhere!


You’re never to late to start something so start it today!

I know I was the type of person who would consider timing and press releases, pa que! Just start today!

So I visited my library and collected various magazines and I did it. I had to buy supplies at the dollar store, again don’t break the bank making this.

And Here’s the catch!

Don’t Let No One Know of it. Its Only for you and Your Eyes only.

Many people were wondering what was on mine from last year and I will be sharing soon enough!