Donald Trump Will Not Be My President

Easy and simple. What makes a person who never paid a dime to help structure U.S., but to help his family benefitted from it. For years he’s gotten away with not paying taxes while the working class coughs up blood and gives, hands, legs, and arms to keep afloat with finances. The American culture is responsible for the discrimination systematic systems corrupted with social economic and modern day slavery, gentrification, who has steeped pass through insulting AND raising hate against Muslims, POC, Undocumented, LGBTQ,  mentally disabled people, veterans, and women. His actions to be touching and treating women disrespectfully with sexual assault actions, Identifies it as locker room conversations and excludes the public from his world affairs and uses twitter as a form of communication professionally as a president. Doesn’t know the value of hard work, he has never been poor, nor does he know what it feels like to be part of the working class. On top of that doesn’t believe in the vote.

Claims the vote was somehow ridged and that raises a skyscraper eyebrow to the top, and ask him “Did you become Russia’s bitch?!” Oh wait, we can’t he’s too busy tweeting #burn #flawless #restmycase

I can’t and will not accept Donald Trump as my president. Signed in Blood and notarized.  If our whole country is full of hillbillies and don’t know about a conscientious threat he is to our country. Literally our lives are going to be in his hands and if i need him to talk to Russia and figure out executive Presidential Obama types executive meetings and this fool is chatting up a storm on twitter instead of doing his JOB as the mf president. You’re out of your mind.

This also ties a gargantuan black overlook of disqualification due to the fact that he has no POLITICAL EXPERIENCE at all!  And also has pending court cases up the ass, claims to be rich but no tax return to prove that since 1986 (that was the year I was born) #30yrsago #born2fight #notmypresident #complexproblem #sohard2bDT #notmypresident #nope #soyxingona