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#unpresidented Russia (Putin) helped Trump win, so then Russia (Putin) would like the help back and Putin can easily influence US politics.

And then since history likes to repeat itself. Here we have another man who wants to control another country and is addicted to power and corruption. here we have similar story like the 13 colonies. They were trying to free themselves from Spain. Again the U.S. had to pay taxes to Spain and they wanted out!


The American Revolutionary War

No not in my country bitch! So this is my message to the Electors that we need a miracle. WE still do have until Monday to do something. Better open up a history book- well some (who still believe that Slavery was voluntarily, nah wrong!). Open that history book and actually really think about this.

I mean not to say that Donald Trump has violated and consistently does not have a reputable reputation:

  1. Violated the U.S. constitution
  2. Sex Assault violations- 25 are pending 
  3. Discriminated against Muslims, undocumented people, gender, People of Color, Veterans, and Mentally disabled people
  4. He has expressed how he treats women physically, emotionally, and professionally. His daughter doesn’t count because there’s incest, he has let the public know about how attractive his daughter is in “locker room” language.

Oh if you’re interested, Russia and Putin go hand in hand in a very corrupted way… called Systematic Corruption, which we already do know of that here.

Here’s a great article talking about Russia’s corrupt social ways and BCC states how Putin was acting as President temporarily until the Elections. So Read up on your math on Putin and Russia’s history. Not soooo pretty.  Here’s the article