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Xingona Tips: Story

When you tell your story- remember everyone needs to learn this skill incase you’re pitching your story to have sponsorship, fundraisers, and also when investors are looking at your profile.

Let them in, make it short and sweet, mention some molcajete moments that made you xingona, and then give a sweet future ending like (she lived a full life!)

Alof of the times people are eager to know about me. They always want to know what’s on my mind, who, what, where, when, and why, and why and omg how! Great! thank you but some other great people doesn’t even know nothing after my last name. People think that you’re able to know people within 60 minutes. Estan Locos!


Wrongo!~ says the Grinch.

I recently read this book, The Steal Like an Artist Journal, Austin Kleon, he taught me how to tell a compelling story.

In the book, he wrote about Emma Coats who is a genius at storytelling at Pixar, and she outlined a perfect structure of a cool one of a kind fairy tale, sort of like a fill in the blank.

Here’s the structure: (fill in the blank)


“Once upon a time, there was ________. Everyday, _________. One day, ____________. Because of that, ___________. Because of that,___________. Until finally, _________________. ”

Now fill in the blanks. Add in the intricate details and it comes out slamming, tears, and “aw-ok” moments.

Simple enough, but be sure to be xingona and practice. Practice makes a  Professional and Confident Xingona.

Also how I got inspiration is through this book—-> The Steal Like An Artist Journal <—- and this very creative and intellectual man wrote it, Austin Kleon.