Top Ten Gifts for Latina Entrepreneurs

  1. Sponsorship- we need it and love it!



2. Paid Advertising- which goes hand in hand with sponsorship, so your known circle of friends know your work and their work are in a partnership. There should be a way that FB and other social media platforms are able to advertise and through considerable “gifting” ways.


3. A year gym membership (because you know our damn selves need to look devine) freepass-step1

4. GIFTCARDS to Office Depot-

we might need business cards, mockups, and copies of heck knows what, but at least we have that in our back pocket and worry free that anywhere we go, we have a copy of our business plan. Xingona Status, don’t worry everyone will get a copy!


5. Massages- Enterpuernal-ness can be hefty and stressful. massage-envy

6. Art- we love looking at it and figuring out what its telling us!jelly-bean-art-starry-night-620

7. BOOKS! When you’re an entrepreneur you will need self-care books and everything and all that talks about the Business.2000003505180_p0_v7_s1200x630

8. Sponsorship to Custom made T-shirts- If you’re an entrepreneur the best way to get your name out in the world, isn’t just by media, but by swag! That would be a bomb gift!


9. Cash- Cash is always good because then you’ll have that safety net of cash for coffee, gas, and supplies.


10. Planner: We’re obsessed with planning and visioning our dreams!


Passion planners are the best!